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A 650b fixie . . .yes and 700 or 26. From [Traitor Cycles](

> 668 represents the outer wheel diameter with tire that the bike is designed around to maintain proper geometry, bb height and have no toe overlap. Our idea was to let the rider decide which wheel size was right for them while still allowing some flexibility in going larger or smaller. 668mm just happens to be the outside diameter of a 26 x 2.1” wheel, a 650b x 42mm and a 700c x 23mm wheel. With 668mm wheel we were able to keep the chainstays short, 375mm slammed, to give it a lively feel that is effortless to get off the ground. For the 700c purist the frame will fit up to a 700c x 38mm tire with plenty of room but there can be toe overlap on the smaller size depending on the crank you use.

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Riding by on the bike.

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The Hub is quiet until the next Tour starts and then we're back on with more live chatting.

While we were traveling, Hincapie shipped us the new hats. These are nylon (wash and wear) and will sell for $9.99. We like traditional cotton hats too, but not when you wash them twice and they start to fall apart.

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In the used-bike economy, worth what? $500.00

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