Watching the Tour de France 2009


Versus is broadcasting the Tour de France in regular and HD TV. Check with your local cable for the channels and set your DVR. Versus will broadcast it live in the mornings and then extended coverage in the evenings. They call their coverage the Cyclysm, other than marketing that name means nothing. Versus has outstanding coverage and also a maddening tendency to pre-empt for Bull Riding. You'll become numb after three weeks to all the herbal enhancement commercials and the scooter store or video professor.


Versus offers videos of the Tour online and you can also find streams on Cycling.TV. Also check and for streams. Streams come and go and Twitter is a good resource to check where people are watching it. Often times, some race fan in Europe will stream the race until his connection craps out or he gets a cease and desist letter.


Velownews is publishing just for mobile devices. There's also a Tour de France weather app.



Cycling, racers, teams, and fans will light up twitter like Jon and Kate on Larry King. Check the huge list here on Bike Biz. Names you know include:


Tour Topics on the Hub

The Hub collects content and conversations about the Tour de France with live blogging and chatting. Read more about the Hub.




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