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Tour de France 2009

It's like MST3K for the Toor Day Frants!

We're collecting Tour de France links, commentary and photos - from the Bike Hugger crew & cycling fans like you into The Hub. It's like Mystery Science Theater 3000 for le Tour -- snappy commentary, observations, one-liners, and your predictions:

  • Will the camera signal break up in the Mountains?
  • What commerical will annoy you the most?
  • Will the Isle of Manhood (© Carlton Reid) point at his junk again after winning stages?

A fan-based community

There's much social media technology at work on The Hub -- aggregators, scripts, and secret sauce. Put simply it's a fan-based community. We have a page for each Stage of the Tour where we'll comment as the racers race.

But wait there's more!

Total bonus is we're adding a LiveChat that allows all the Huggers and Tour fans to get in on the action. During select stages you'll find a chat session. Join it, ask questions, comment on the ridiculous commercials, and maybe we'll play a little Phil Liggett bingo and the Lance Armstrong drinking game to boot.

Our first LiveChat is on Sunday July 5th. We'll begin just before the 8:30 am live coverage on Versus and go until the podium finish.

How does it work?

Automagically and by a series of tubes and wires know as the internets, it just works. During the tour, just point your browser here. Then sign into TypePad Connect to comment or CoveritLive for the live chats.


Tour Topics on the Hub

The Hub collects content and conversations about the Tour de France with live blogging and chatting. Read more about the Hub.




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