Top 10 Blogs for Tour de France 2009

Tour Blogs published a Top-Ten List for the Tour De France 2009 that we compiled for them. Note that the format of the list requires a blog to have an RSS feed. We can't deeplink into a site like Versus or Bicycling for Bobke's blog without it. The list isn't exhaustive, limited to ten, so we had to choose. Please add what blogs you follow in the comments. We can extend the list here.

We also hope Horner blogs about the race with notes on what he would've done on the hilly stages had he been there! We'll discuss the race at length on the Hub, as soon as it starts.

  • Andy Schleck -- Andy is a Tour favorite and brother of Frank, another racer. He's aggressive on the road and writing about his experiences as a professional cyclist.
  • Cycling Fans Anonymous -- A blog written by a critic of professional cycling, including the doping controversies.
  • Cyclocosm -- An independent view of bike racing with in-depth commentary.
  • Peloton Post -- Professional photos from the Tour de France, uploaded daily.
  • Podium Cafe -- Bike racing blog with extensive coverage of the Tour.
  • Road Diaries -- Rider diaries, tech talk, and more from SRAM, a bicycle components manufacturer.
  • Tour De France Blog -- A fan-written blog about the Tour de France with lots of comments.
  • Tour Tag on Flickr -- Fans and photographers upload photos from the race to Flickr.
  • Tour de France Lantern Rouge -- A blog that celebrates the last- placed rider in the race.
  • Tour de France on Twitter -- Follow #tourdefrance on Twitter for tweets from racers, teams, and fans.

More Tour Blogs

Also see a collection of TDF-related gear on our Amazon Store and Wired published a list of why geeks should love the Tour.


Tour Topics on the Hub

The Hub collects content and conversations about the Tour de France with live blogging and chatting. Read more about the Hub.




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