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Bike Hugger Mixer -- our next event -- June 29th.


Cappy waiting at the grocery store.from the Pug Blog Photostream.

Roscoe the Pug With Ice Bag On His Head- Miserable in the Seattle Heat

To make Roscoe more comfortable in the Seattle heat, I put some ice cubes in a Ziploc bag and put them on his head.from the Pug Blog Photostream.

Cap'n the Pug Watching le Tour

Cap'n the Pug was also amazed by that stage today, watched the jersey presentation until Ben Stiller came out, then she lost interest.from the Pug Blog Photostream.

Buddy the lizard wrestler

from the Pug Blog Photostream.

Snort, simply

from the Pug Blog Photostream.

Simple Cargo

What I like about the Torker Cargo T: is the simplicity. US customers would call this a *grocery getter". Or errand bike for the Plain Clothes Cyclists.

It's based on the Batavus Personal Bike and made for the city. Nothing much to explain. Put some groceries up front and a backpack on the back. Pull it up and onto the center stand to park it.

To ride it just pedal. Sit upright and twist the shifter. I spotted it yesterday. We rode a prototype earlier this year. Cyclelicious also has been riding one.from the Pug Blog Photostream.

Studying with Cap'n

While most certainly a good studying companion, I think Cappy was only there for that bowl of cereal.from the Pug Blog Photostream.

Cap'n v. UPC Labels

Cap'n did not like the sound the UPC printer makes and was alarmed by the length of labels that it spits out (shown here in the photo). The Dymo printer makes this whining mechanical noise and the paper crunches as it unfolds from the roll.

Cappy investigated: grrr- barking, sniffing, then determined it did not pose a threat and Hugga HQ returned to it's normal "safe" status.from the Pug Blog Photostream.

Printer Pug

Cappy's never objected to the printer paper -- it's warm, smells nice,
and comforting as it lands on her. I think she likes the sound as well, been hearing it since she was a puppy.from the Pug Blog Photostream.

Pug With For Sale Sign

Part of the Disinterested Pug With Found Objects series.from the Pug Blog Photostream.