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Flickr'ing Interbike

Here's a quick circuit of the Flickrverse, checking out everybody's Interbike pics.

Of course, what everybody's looking for at Interbike is the new stuff, and there were a number of new ideas for bikes on display:

Moots Snoots conquers snowThe Moots Snoots is a one-off ultramarathon snow bike (left) -- it's got super-wide tires, racks, and even built-in stove fuel storage (look for the bosses on the fork tubes). Here's everything you need to know from the guy who commissioned the Snoots.

We weren't the only ones who loved Surly's new “Big Dummy,” the Xtracycle-capable long bike. Here's a detail of the latest Surly and here's another.

Somehow I get the feeling that, well, maybe the whole pedal-forward thing is going too far...

Here's ANT's Shimano Alfine contest bike with it's signature sunburst rack.

Mobiky GeniusMobiky showed their “Genius” (at right), a folding city bike sort of like the Sinclair A-Bike, but with wheels bigger than a roller skate.

PV Glider is a pedal-less “bike” made out of PVC pipe that's intended to help kids learn to ride (more at PVGlider.com). This is an interesting evolution of what many parents do, taking the pedals off a small frame so kids can scoot around, getting their balance down pat before they have to worry about pedaling.

The 3G Stepper is reminiscent of a NordicTrac on wheels. I have a feeling this is a question nobody's really asked.

There were actually two companies with “Coasting” bikes: Trek and Raleigh; here's Raleigh's take on the Shimano freehub system.

Felt's Royal FlushFelt's Royal Flush (left) splits the difference between beach bike and cruiser.

BMC brings their carbon fiber frames to cyclocross.

Here are maybe as many Brooks saddles as you'll ever see in one place.

Surly's “Fixxer” is a body to replace your Shimano freehub, converting the wheel to fixed-gear.

One of our favorite bikes, year after year, is Bianchi's Milano, a cool and practical way to get around town.

The CannibalFinally, I found a number of pictures of cycling royalty: new US champion George Hincapie, former world champion Mario Cipollini, 2006 Tour prologue and final stage winner Thor Hushovd, greatest rider of bicycles ever Eddy Merckx, and Italian master framebuilder Ernesto Colnago.

Finally, there was at least one celebrity frame: Robbie McEwen's Ridley.


Sycip Alfine

Img_7328 Arguably the best in show, it's that or the Ellsworth, is the Sycip Alfine. Note the clean lines, attention to detail, powdercoat finish, and focus on an urban, utility bike. As I posted earlier, a theme at Interbike is bikes as fun transportation solutions. I wish I had more time to talk Jay as I was really impressed.

The Sycip bike also represented the struggle the industry has had in the USA with urban, city bikes. I heard that at Eurobike every manufacture had an Alfine bike and at Interbike there were just a handful.

At Bike Hugger, we're doing our part to see more bikes like this.


Spheres not gears - Ellsworth Ride

I attended a historic industry event where the NuVinci Smooth Cruise VCP was announced. NuVinci is continuously variable planetary hub and promises to change the way bikes are designed and built. They showed that promise with an Ellsworth, limited edition NuVinci hub, belt-driven "Ride" cruiser/commuter bike. I'll get photos of it up later.

I'm going to meet with DaVinci and Ellsworth to discuss this hub and bike in detail and blog all about it. It was an impressive event, impresssive technology, and gee-whiz bike.

Surly Xtracycle confirmed!

Byron sends along this photo from the floor of Interbike, which officially starts today. I'm sure we'll have more details when the show is open and the bike isn't locked down, but the long and short of it is: Surly is launching the first production all-in-one Xtracycle.

That means folks who love the idea of an Xtracycle will have one less obstacle to hurdle: No more kit-building. Also, I can't see any reason the StokeMonkey wouldn't work.

Questions for our eyes and ears in Vegas: Is Surly selling this as a frame or a bike? What are they calling it? What's the availability?

I'm crossposting this to both Bike Hugger and our special Interbike coverage site. Most of our Interbike content will be at the Interbike site, so if you dig this, check there.


Surly's big secret

So, over at the surlyblog, the fine folks at Surly Bikes are doing a little tease on two new projects they've got coming.

Putting 2 and 2 together, I noticed the other day (before their domain was apparently hijacked) that the Xtracycle guys mentioned that they would be in the Surly booth.

Xtracycle sells Surly's Karate Monkey with a Free Radical as part of a kit, but that's not something Surly would be this excited about. My prediction is that Surly is about to introduce a bike dozens of us must have thought about: an all-in-one Xtracycle.

The FreeRadical is a cool hack, but at its heart it's just that: a hack. There are a lot of advantages to building a long bike from scratch: uninterrupted stays should be stronger than a bolted interface, for instance, and you can match your componentry to the bike's new role right from the start.

A few smart people have already undertaken the longbike-from-scratch challenge. Xtracycle has talked about it, Curtis Inglis built a custom frame, Todd at Cleverchimp has the beautiful Xtravois, and Fraser Cycles has built a couple of long-wheelbase city bikes.

Xtracycle's presence means that, unlike Fraser's bikes, the Surly will be compatible with Xtracycles accessories, which I'm hoping includes the Stokemonkey.

This is just my hypothesis. If I'm right, Byron will be all over this tomorrow.